Inter State Narco Module: Links surfaced from Kashmir’s Kupwara to Punjab’s Ludhiana; says DGP Dilbagh Singh

Jammu, Oct 12 (KNS): Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbagh Singh Thursday revealed that inter-state narcotic module is strongly connected from Kashmir’s Kupwara to Punjab’s Ludhiana. He stated that eight persons have been arrested in this connection so far – four from Kupwara and four from Punjab, involved in drug trafficking.

Addressing a press conference in Jammu, the DGP Dilbagh Singh as per KNS said that Ramban police has recently intercepted the vehicle and recovered 30 kg of cocaine-like substance. “Though the final report of FSL is awaited, it seems that the recovered substance is cocaine,” the DGP said, adding that four people from northern Kashmir’s Kupwara district have been arrested in this connection.

DGP said that investigation into the case has revealed links between inter-state narcotic module between Kashmir’s Kupwara and Punjab’s Amorhi Ludhiana, which is infamous for narco-smuggling.

He said the operation has led to eight arrests, four in Kupwara and four in Punjab. “The authorities have seized 30 kilograms of a substance resembling cocaine, along with Rs 5 crore in cash, 40 fake vehicle number plates, passports, and a German-made revolver”.

Divulging details the DGP said that following the arrest of four suspect from Kupwara, a joint operation carried out by J&K Police and Punjab Police led to the arrest of four more individuals, including the key handler of the narcotics. “Investigations have also revealed connections to major terrorist organizations, suggesting that narcotics were used to fund and support subversive activities”, he said.

He held that ongoing investigations into the case may lead further arrests. “There have been reports of cases involving drone-dropped drug consignments near the International border in Jammu areas. Although there is no comprehensive study, preliminary investigations suggest that around 7 lac individuals in J&K have fallen victim to drug abuse. This inter-state narco-module’s busting marks a significant achievement in curbing the illegal drug trade, which poses a severe threat to the region’s stability and security,” DGP added. (KNS)

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