Govt JLNM Hospital applauded at Oxford University for handling in Covid -19 Pandemic

Srinagar July 08:(KNS) Dr Imtiaz Wani Consultant Surgeon presently at Govt.JLNM Hospital  ,Rainawari awarded with Excellency for his work in Covid 19 pandemic. A  dedication and giving whatever best is  possible for Covid-19 patients  in ICU of Govt.JLNM Hospital was biggest award for me . A sigh of relief ,smile from Covid-19 patient,satisfaction  and praises from attendants of Covid-19 patients in ICU of JLNM Hospital was my  biggest achievement.I do not care for these International  awards. Among few surgeons all over world , few are conferred with certificate of Excellency for their work. Dr Imtiaz Wani his highly thankful  Dr Bilques Shah Nodal officer and Dr Akhter HOD Surgery Govt.JLNM Hospital for their inspiration to work  with dedication .(KNS)

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