Excitement builds as Prime Minister Modi's visit to srinagar approaches: Security tightens, preparations intensify

Ishtiyaq Kar
Srinagar, Mar 04 (KNS): Preparations are underway and anticipation is mounting as the scheduled visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Srinagar on March 7 draws nearer. Security measures have been heightened in the entire Kashmir valley especially in Srinagar , with major buildings and residential areas surrounding the Bakshi Stadium sanitized by security forces. Makeshift bunkers have been set up, with personnel instructed to maintain vigilance in their respective areas.
Stringent verification processes will be implemented for rally attendees, with each participant's details cross-checked through various channels.
The administration, along with BJP leadership, is collaborating with the police to ensure proper verification and security measures.
Meanwhile news agency KNS reported that at the BJP Srinagar Party Headquarters, known as J53, leaders and workers are eagerly gearing up for the occasion. 
The atmosphere at the headquarters is one of enthusiasm and dedication as BJP leaders and workers work tirelessly to ensure a seamless and successful visit by the Prime Minister. 
Banners are being hung, decorations arranged, and logistical details meticulously planned to welcome the Prime Minister Modi.
The visit holds special significance as it underscores the growing influence and presence of the BJP in the region. Leaders and workers see the PM’s visit as an opportunity to demonstrate their unwavering support and commitment to the party’s ideals and vision.
Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to hold a political rally at Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar, expected to draw a large crowd of supporters. This rally will serve as a platform for the PM to address key political and developmental issues and interact with the people of Srinagar.
As the date of the visit approaches, anticipation continues to build among party members and residents alike. 
The visit promises to be a momentous occasion, further strengthening the bond between the Prime Minister and the people of Kashmir.(KNS)

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