Delaying election is denying of right to the people of J&K to choose their representative: Vakil

Srinagar August 10 (KNS) : Coming heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government, senior vice president Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference and former minister, Abdul Gani Vakil said the centre is punishing people of J&K by denying them the  basic right to choose their own elected government.
In a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Vakil said ever since Modi took over the reins of power in India, the J&K has witnessed democratic govt only for four years. "Since 2018, it is now the 4th year and the whole J&K has been handed over to few bureaucrats who are calling the shots. And these pick and choose bureaucratic are being brought from other states and posted in Jammu and Kashmir to run the show," and failure of the LG led govt of not submitted utilisation certificate of the works worth 10000 crores is enough to puncture the hollow claims of this bureaucratic adminstration and makes clear about the rampant corruption and siphoning of public money. 
He said the highest temple of democracy in Jammu and Kashmir was Legislative Assembly that has been destroyed by Modi regime and they talk of strengthening the grass root level democracy. Vakil said they fail to understand why elections are being delayed in J&K and now it is inching towards 5th year that we are being ruled by a Lt Governor and his coterie.
Vakil said it was a shame for the world's largest democracy that they have snatched a right to have democratic govt in one of its region that used to be a state and they illegally degraded and bifurcated it into two Union Territories to fulfill their political gains.(KNS)

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