Condolences Offered at Fateh Khawani for the Late Nazar Bonyari in Karnah

 Peerzada Sayeed 

KARNAH,  FEB 22(KNS) Pahari Cultural club Karnah, extended its embrace to the community of Karnah, Kupwara, as they gathered to mourn the passing of the esteemed Nazar Bonyari.
In a poignant display of solidarity, a diverse assembly, including Mir  Haider Nadeem , Ab Rashid Lone, Ab Rashid Qureshi, retired master Bashir, Dr. Aijaz, Peerzada Sayeed, Beoparmandal President Haji Tasleem Mir, Dr. Ashfaq Lone, and Mohammad Ismail Khan, united to pay homage to the cherished memory of Nazar Bonyari.
Nazir Bonyari, celebrated for his profound contributions to literature, poetry, scholarship, history, storytelling, music, and journalism, breathed his last at a hospital in Mumbai, leaving behind a legacy that reverberates across generations.
Born on January 2, 1949, in the village of Turkhanjan, Tehsil Boniyar, district Baramulla, Raja Abdul Qayyum Khan, fondly known as Nazar Bonyari, embarked on his educational odyssey at Baramulla College in 1973, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor's degree. He furthered his academic pursuits by acquiring a Bachelor of Education from the University of Kashmir, followed by a Master of Education degree.
With steadfast dedication, Nazar Bonyari served the Department of Education for 43 illustrious years until his retirement in 2007, leaving an indelible imprint through his multifaceted roles and contributions to DIET. Notably, he enriched the educational milieu as a member of the Text Book Advisory Board of Jammu and Kashmir, penning over fourteen seminal works, encompassing both the Pahari and Urdu languages. His literary legacy resonated within esteemed publications such as Hamdard, Kashmir, and the Kashmir Gazette.
Motivated by an insatiable quest for knowledge, Nazar Bonyari embarked on voyages across borders, mastering several languages in his relentless pursuit of enlightenment. Today, on February 20, 2024, he bid adieu to this ephemeral existence, invoking reflection upon the timeless verity, "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return."
While talking with Kashmir news service (KNS) Ab Rashid Qureshi said we contemplate his illustrious life and enduring contributions, may the departed soul find eternal repose in Jannatul Firdaus, and may divine fortitude envelop the bereaved hearts.(KNS)

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