Commissioner for Disabilities Leads District Review Meeting on Disabilities in Kupwara

Kupwara September 16 (KNS): In a significant demonstration of commitment to the rights and dignity of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the Kupwara district, Mr. M. Iqbal Lone, Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Social Welfare Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, chaired the District Review Meeting on Disabilities held on September 16, 2023 at DC office kupwara. 

This pivotal meeting addressed several critical points, underlining the government's dedication to enhancing the quality of life for Persons with Disabilities. Some key highlights from the meeting include:

1) *District Action Plan on Disabilities: Strategies were discussed to improve the lives of Persons with Disabilities through the development of an actionable plan.

2) Review of RPWD Act, 2016: Progress in implementing this essential legislation, along with the Jammu and Kashmir Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2021, was evaluated to safeguard the rights of PWDs.

3) Unique Disability Identity (UDID) Project: The status of the UDID project aimed at providing unique identities to PWDs was reviewed. The Chief Medical Officer of Kupwara shared updates on UDID cards and plans to reach non-registered individuals and transfer legacy data to the UDID Portal.

4) Children with Special Needs (CWSN) and High Support Needs: Support and services available to children with special needs and those with high support requirements were examined. The survey will be conducted with modern tools and consultations to assess the situation and intervention.

5) Arrangements for Institutional and Non-Institutional Care: Provisions for both institutional and non-institutional care for Persons with Disabilities were discussed.

6) Accessibility: Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in various aspects of life, including the physical environment, transport, and information and communication technology, in the district. Efforts are underway to make government offices in the district headquarters disability-friendly.

7) District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRC): The availability and quality of rehabilitation centers were assessed, and plans to establish DDRCs this financial year were discussed.

8) Sports and Recreation Facilities: Encouraging participation and inclusion through sports and recreational activities, with plans to strengthen the ecosystem further.

9) Implementation of Social Security Schemes: Evaluation of the implementation of social security schemes designed to support PWDs in the entire district.

The meeting delved deeply into the RPWD Act, 2016, and the Jammu and Kashmir Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2021, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the District Committee on Disabilities. Key district officials from various departments attended and shared their progress reports.

Mr. M. Iqbal Lone, Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, emphasized the unwavering commitment of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to the welfare and empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Kupwara. He reiterated that addressing these critical issues aims to create an inclusive and accessible environment where every individual can thrive, regardless of their abilities.

Furthermore, in continuation of the commitment made by the Hon’ble LG on 5th August 2023, the Rehabilitation Council, Social Welfare Department, Jammu and Kashmir, distributed 251 motorized tricycles in district Kupwara, Ishfaq Ahmad, Executive Director of the Rehabilitation Council, SWD Jammu and Kashmir informed the chair during this meeting.
Eighteen motorised tricycle were also distributed on sport by Commissioner Disabilities today at Kupwara.(KNS)

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