CLUJ organizes One Day Linguistics Conclave (Bhasha Vigyan Sammelan)

 The department of Linguistics and Literature, School of Humanities and Liberal Arts, Cluster University of Jammu, organized a One Day Linguistics Conclave (Bhasha Vigyan Sammelan) on 28 November 2022, for dissemination of the information and knowledge regarding the role, relevance, and importance of Linguistics as a subject in view of NEP 2022. 

 Professor Bechan Lal, Chief Patron of the event, and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Cluster University of Jammu, lauded the efforts of the department of Linguistics & Literature for organizing the informative conclave for the teaching staff and the students wherein the role of linguistics was highlighted. The Vice Chancellor pointed out that the knowledge of language and its associated cultural and traditional values are analyzed and promoted through Linguistics and with the advent of the NEP 2022, it has become more relevant to encourage the disciplines that promote the local languages, their cultures, and traditions as well.  
 Further, Dr. Jatinder Khajuria, Patron of the event and the Registrar of the Cluster University of Jammu, expressed his pleasure at the initiative of organizing a One Day Conclave as such programme provides the academicians and scholars a vibrant platform for healthy exchange of knowledge and ideas which go a long way in the growth of educational ecosystem. Also, Dr. Naveen Anand, the Presiding Officer of the event, and the Dean Academic Affairs, CLUJ, appreciated the smooth conduct of the Linguistic Conclave, and the role of linguistics in documenting, preserving, and promoting the indigenous languages. Dr. Geetanjali A. Rana, Dean Faculty of Arts, CLUJ, convener of this Conclave, supervised and coordinated the event. 
 Earlier, the programme commenced with the lighting of ceremonial lamp and invocation of the Goddess Saraswati by chanting Shalokas. After the commencement of the event, Dr. Reena Salaria, organizing secretary and the Head, Dept. of Linguistics and Literature, welcomed the august audience, and presented the concept note of the Linguistics Conclave by emphasizing the significance and need for the conservation, preservation, and the promotion of the local languages (Dogri; Gojri; Pahari; Sarazi; Bhadarwahi; Punchi; Kishtwari; Poguli; & Zoondari etc.) in the Jammu and Kashmir region, which can be achieved through the linguistics, the scientific study of human languages. 
The day was marked by the conduct of felicitation ceremony, where senior and prolific academicians, Dr. Veena Gupta and Dr. Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi were felicitated for their continuous support and guidance in shaping the department of Linguistics and Literature. Words of gratitude and appreciation were also dedicated to Padma Shri Prof. (Dr.) Ved Ghai; Dr. Ramnika Jalali; and Prof. (Dr.) Shashi Pathania: the founding members of the Board of Studies of Linguistics & Literature.  
The programme was divided into various sessions wherein the interactive sessions and the panel discussion were held on the themes related to the conclave. In the first session of the event, Prof. Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi (former Head, School of Languages & Literature, SMVDU) delivered a talk on Linguistics, its scope, and relation with other academic disciplines, wherein he emphasized on the significance of the regional languages (mother tongues) in academic context, and the need of preserving and promoting them. Since the regional languages of Jammu and Kashmir are linguistically yet to be explored, documented and preserved. In the second session, Prof. Om Prakash, Faculty, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Gautam Buddha University, Noida, spoke on the importance of linguistics in relation to the preservation and conservation of languages. 
 In the last session, a presentation on the topic knowledge systems in the local languages was made by Dr. Farooq Mir, Faculty, the department of Linguistics & Literature, who appraised the participants regarding the importance of local languages. Hereafter, a panel discussion was held wherein the guest speakers interacted with the participants and answered their queries. They further explained the relevance of linguistics as a means of documenting, preserving, and promoting the local languages and the ways these help in executing the social interaction, national cohesion, and preserve the indigenous cultures.  
The event was graced with the benign presence of Deans of Cluster University of Jammu, Principals & Faculty members of the Constituent Colleges of Cluster University of Jammu; Faculty members of the affiliated colleges of the University of Jammu; & Principals and Coordinators of the Public & Private Schools of the Jammu city. The students of the Cluster University of Jammu also participated actively.  
The minute to minute event was compered by Ms. Akanksha Sharma, Faculty, the department of Linguistics & Literature, and on the conclusion of the conclave, Dr. Ravi Parihar, Faculty, the department of Linguistics & Literature, CLUJ, presented a vote of thanks. (KNS) 

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