Chairman PHD chambers Baldav Singh had special conversation with KNS

Lone Sajad

Srinagar, June 21 (KNS): Auto peaks group a dealership of Maruti Suziki now gaining a momentum across the length and breadth of Jammu & Kashmir, even now in Ladakh. The man behind this enormous success is Baldev Singh Rain, a successful person in the sector of Automobile, now MD at Peaks Auto Mobile.
On Saturday in a video conversation, Raina said, If we talk about Kashmir who is under lockdown from long, from many years the Kashmir has been witnessing meager business activates. Since I became chairman of PHD, we have conducted number of meetings with my other colleagues, In march we met Home minster and Jatinder Singh, PMO, we have briefed him about economic loss, whether a vegetable vendor or hotelier, the economy of Kashmir is passing through a critical phase. The package that RBI has sanctioned is below 25 lac crore, it should be more than that, because we have been in lockdown from August 05, 2019, the 2nd thing is that there should be no EMI on loans, otherwise the day will come that no one will be ready to invest money in the market.
There has been always been a business risk in Kashmir, we have also conversation with FM, and I am sure that they will find a solution so that the markets will return to normal in Kashmir. This is the time that when the entire country is in lockdown, so this this the right moment for the government of India to understand the situation the Kashmir economy is passing. I am sure that our LG, will find a solution to it. Once this pandemic is over, we will request the government of India to end the interest rates. This is one of our main concern that we are going to raise with the government.
We want this government to announce a special package so the problem will be over once for all, because the government has to understand that we have been lockdown for many time in past some years. The recent video conference that we had with FM, we have raised the same issues. There is not a single deliberate defaulter in Kashmir, if anyone is that is due to current situation of Kashmir. Its responsibility of Jammu and Kashmir Bank to provide loans to the people so that they will start their own business, this will not only help to the people but bank as well.
I would also like to tell the youth of Kashmir that not lose hope, just keep the will, I am sure that the future belongs to our youth. (KNS) 

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