BJP strategises comprehensive plan following PM Modi's electrifying Jammu rally for 2024 elections in J&K

 Ishtiyaq Kar

Srinagar, Feb 21 (KNS): Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's electrifying kickoff to the election campaign with a resounding public rally at Maulana Azad Stadium Jammu, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now orchestrating a thorough evaluation of its readiness for the crucial 2024 parliamentary elections in the strategically vital region of Jammu and Kashmir.

With top BJP National leaders set to embark on this pivotal mission in the coming weeks, the timing couldn't be more crucial. This assessment aims to foster focused deliberations with senior party functionaries, and key stakeholders, as the party meticulously fine-tunes its groundwork for the upcoming electoral challenge.

“At the forefront of this mission is the objective to scrutinize and optimize the BJP's campaign strategies, candidate selection processes, and overall electoral preparedness to meet the demands of the impending Lok Sabha elections in 2024,” BJP insiders told news agency KNS.

Since the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019, Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as a political focal point. The proactive stance of the BJP in reviewing its preparations underscores a commitment not just to maintain but to bolster its influence in this critical region.

During their visit, BJP leaders are expected to delve into intricate details, including tailoring the party's message to resonate with the diverse population of Jammu and Kashmir. They will explore ways to address specific concerns and aspirations, recognizing the unique dynamics that shape voter sentiments in the region.
"The visit presents an invaluable opportunity for the BJP's leadership to gather insights, receive constructive feedback, and make well-informed decisions to bolster the party's electoral prospects," remarked party insiders”.

Simultaneously, insiders reveal that the BJP is actively gearing up for the 2024 Parliamentary polls, with strategic aspirations to not only retain its Lok Sabha seats in Jammu and Udhampur but also secure all the seats of Jammu and Kashmir.

This ambitious agenda extends beyond consolidating existing strongholds, signaling a determined effort to broaden the party's appeal across diverse demographics, including the distinctive Pahadi population in the region. With a comprehensive plan in place, the BJP is gearing up to make significant inroads in constituencies like Srinagar-Budgam and Baramulla-Kupwara, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive and widespread electoral presence across Jammu and Kashmir.

Without naming Abdullahs, Gandhis and Muftis, the Prime Minister at the Jammu rally targeted the “dynastic politics” saying the parties which ruled erstwhile State earlier cared only about their own families at the cost of youth.(KNS)

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