BJP doing emotional politics over Article 370: JKPM

Srinagar, Nov 30 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement said that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is doing emotional politics on the name of Article 370. History of Jammu and Kashmir were written with Golden words and it will always remain in the world records and it is impossible to erase it by playing Cricket tournaments on the name of Abrogation of Art. 370 in Amit Shah's Constituency at Gujrat. 

JKPM further said people across India are being befooled by BJP cadres with emotional blackmail for the political interests of BJP, while BJP claims were completely baseless about the developments of Jammu and Kashmir post Abrogation of 370, but infact there is no special development seen on ground other than Roads, electricity, water supply schemes, these type of development were already seen before the Abrogation of 370 and 35A. 

JKPM said that current unemployment rate of Jammu and Kashmir is higher than other states of India and as per the Niti Ayog report Jammu and Kashmir is poorest state at present, our tourism sector is at the verge of collapse. Trades of Jammu and Kashmir also suffered huge losses. 

JKPM said that here in Jammu and Kashmir BJP leaders are giving contradictory statements every day and Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement insisted people of India not to come under the trap of emotional politics of BJP for their political interests and if BJP leaders really wants normalcy to return in Jammu and Kashmir then there is no alternative other than the restoration of special status of Jammu and Kashmir. (KNS)

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