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Statements to legalize Shopian killings is height of brazenness: Malik

Condemns atrocities on inmates in various Jammu jails


 Srinagar, Mar 06 (KNS): Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday condemned the Shopian carnage and subsequent ‘ridiculous statements’ by colonial army and Chief Minister terming those killed as OGW’s and caught in cross fire.
Terming the statements of Army dubbing those slaughtered by it at Shopian as OGW’s as ‘ridiculous’, Malik who is lodged at central jail along with other JKLF leaders Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri and Ghulam Muhammad Dar in his message said that it has been an old ploy of Indian army to camouflage its crimes and criminal acts in Jammu Kashmir by floating these kinds of ridiculous and absurd phrases and idioms.
Malik said that “an occupational force that has killed tens of thousands in Jammu Kashmir is enjoying patronage of Indian leaders, Pro-India politicians, assembly members and rulers who are ever ready to provide these killers a legal cover and immunity.”
He said Indian leadership and Indian institutions, be it judiciary, civil administration or security apparatus treats Kashmiris as their enemies which have no human rights. “This is why we find Indian judiciary like in previous Shopian killings, preferring the national interests over impartiality and prescribed legal norms,” he said.
He said that a system that has a history of putting father of Kashmiri nation Muhammad Maqbool Butt on gallows without any fair trail and that hanged Muhammad Afzal Guru to on pretext of satisfying the collective conscience of Indians can only be called as partial and biased.
Terming the statement of Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti who tried to legalize Shopian innocent killings by coining a known term ‘Crossfire’ as height of ‘shamelessness’, Malik said that the callous politician has stooped to a new low by floating statements like these.
“We know that she can not offend her Nagpur Masters by uttering a word of sympathy in favor of innocent martyrs but the way she has come open in defense of the killers in uniform is appalling,” he said.
JKLF chairman said that these rulers are actually writing down new history of tyranny and oppression and the way Kashmiri inmates are being tortured and tarnished in jails is one example of their anti-Kashmiri attitude.
He said that those lodged in various Jammu jails especially those who were recently shifted to these jails including Udhampor jail, Hiranagar jail, Kotbalwal jail, Imphala jail and Kuthuwa jail are facing unprecedented apathy and torture. “Jail authorities are refusing to accept court orders and inmates are being denied meetings with their kith and kin and refuses even clothing and medicine,” he said.
Malik said that these tyrant rulers should remember that according to the divine law of retribution every tyrant has to answer for his or her crimes and therefore these rulers should impose only that much of torture and oppression on humans which they can themselves be able to bear. (KNS)