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Soz slams PDP leader Muzzafer Beigh for justifying scrapping of Art 370

 Srinagar, Jan 10 (KNS):  Senior congress and Former union Minister Prof. Saif U din Soz on Friday said PDP leader Muzzafar Beigh is absolutely wrong in justifying abrogation of Article 370 of the constitution of India.

In a statement to KNS Soz said this is a blatant affront to the struggling people of Kashmir, who have justifiably risen in revolt against the abrogation of Article 370 that happened to be a sine quo non of Kashmir’s constitution relationship with India.
He said it is an opportune time for the PDP top leadership to explain its position on Kashmir issue and abrogation of article 370.
“The PDP should also realize that the people of the Kashmir detest ‘double speak’ on issues which are vital to the very social and political existence of Kashmir’s,” he said.
Soz also  welcomed the Supreme court’s design asking centeral government to reviews its policy on banning internet in J&K  immediately , declaring it (Internet) as a part of civil liberties guaranteed by Article 19 of the constitution of India , he said this a great relief to trouble Kashmir’s  (KNS).