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Sehraie condemns arrest of Salah-ud-din’s son

Says his sons have no affiliation with any of political party


Srinagar, Sep 04 (KNS): Arresting his sons is a vain attempt to brake and weaken Syed Salah-ud-din’s commitment and conviction towards the freedom movement, Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehraie said.
In a statement issued to KNS, Sehraie reiterated that “such cowardly suppressive measures could not dampen the passion and commitment of Salah-ud-din and pro-freedom leadership.”
He said “Syed Salah-ud-din is a prominent figure in the ongoing freedom movement and has dedicated his whole life for the sacred cause. He left his family 3 decades back to serve the nation in order to liberate it from brutal Indian occupation.”
Sehraie strongly condemned the arrest of Syed Shakeel Ahmad and Syed Shahid Yousuf. He termed the move ‘a desperate attempt on the part of India to cow down pro-freedom leadership’.
He said his two sons have no affiliation with any of the political party and both are performing their professional duties in their respective fields, so targeting and confining them on the basis of being sons of Salah-ud-din is ridiculous.
Sehraie said “NIA has been shamelessly used to make failed attempt character assassination of pro-freedom leadership and they have gone to the extent to fabricate their kiths and kins in fake cases and despite all that India failed to dampen over spirit.”
He said that International community including all human rights bodies must take cognizance of oratory majors adopted by Indian intelligentsia and their local supporters in order to rescue civilians from political vendetta. (KNS)