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LeT condemns Pulwama killings


Srinagar, Dec 15 (KNS): Lashkar-e-Taiba on Saturday strongly condemned what they termed as gross atrocities on Kashmiris committed by forces that resulted in the killing of more than 15 Kashmiris and injured several others.
“The martyrs are pleading to the world for any justification of their brutal killing,” LeT spokesman Dr Abdullqah Ghaznawi while quoting the outfit chief,
Mahmood Shah as saying in an e-mailed statement issued to KNS.
“The Pulwama killings are a wake-up call for the international human rights organizations and so-called torch bearers of human rights. Such organizations do protest against the brutality on animals but the same are dumbfounded on the unjust killings of Kashmiris,” he said.
Shah said that “India is in utter mistake if they think that they may sustain their illegal occupation by killing innocents. By the grace of Allah SWT, Kashmiris stand united against Indian aggression. The blood of freedom fighters and people are flowing together. Both sections are rendering immense sacrifices. Such sacrifices will pave way for the freedom.”
“The people must remove their indifferences and forge a unified alliance against Indian occupation,” he said.
Shah paid tributes to the public for their immense sacrifices and prayed for the acceptance of such deeds to Allah and that the martyrs are rewarded with high status in Paradise.
Praying for the well-being of injured, Shah applauded their bravery and said that “the people are more brave and persistent than their sons and we are proud of them. We ask Allah SWT for the opportunity to curb this injustice.” (KNS)