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Kadfeen pitches for stern action against culprits behind smear campaign of Kashmiris

Asks Govt to ensure Kashmiri students outside valley aren’t harassed again


Srinagar, Feb 20 (KNS): Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Wednesday urged the central government to ensure safety of Kashmiri students who were targeted recently by the fanatic groups outside Valley.
In a statement issued to KNS, Kadfeen said that the government is duty bound to ensure safety of the students who are studying in various colleges and universities of the country. He said that by allowing the rogue elements to intimidate the students having from Kashmir, the government isn’t only fanning the fire but is also ruthlessly betraying the trust the people of Kashmir reposed in country’s secular and tolerant nature.
He also urged upon the saner voices in the country to raise voice against the attempts being made to tear apart the country’s social fabric, stating that if such measures aren’t stooped, the situation could turn worrisome and herculean to tackle.
The Congress leader made a fervent appeal to the central government to ensure safe return of the Kashmiri students in different educational institutes of the country and said that instead of becoming the manufacturers of new fault lines, country’s colleges and universities can become a viable source to foster new bonds between the people of different colour, creed and religion.
He also hoped that immediate measures are taken by the state governments and by the central government so that no repetition of smear campaigns against Kashmiris is allowed and those involved in such unethical, unconstitutional acts are dealt with sternly. (KNS)