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Jama’at aghast over ill treatment meted out by Kashmiri prisons

Expresses solidarity with detainees


Srinagar, Nov 27 (KNS): Jama’at-e-Islami on Monday said that the thousands of innocent Kashmiris are languishing in jails in and outside the valley only for the reason that they wish such a resolution of Kashmir issue which represents the wishes and aspirations of the concerned people.
“This issue came to fore at the time in 1947 when the accession of J&K was made with India without taking the aspirations of Kashmiri people into account but soon after this accession, the government of India promised the people directly and through the medium of UNO that they would be provided an impartial chance to express their aspirations and their aspirations would also be accepted,” they said in a statement issued to KNS.
“But with the passage of time, they adopted the delaying tactics and then started to call those people ‘separatists’ who demanded the fulfillment of this covenant and crush them by use of the state power which has no human or legal sanctity at all. In 1990, the doors of the jails, interrogation and torture centres were opened for thousands of Kashmiris for raising their voice in support of their genuine demand and were detained under the draconian laws not only in J&K but in the far flung areas in India in very pitiable conditions and even their family members were not allowed to meet them,” the statement added.
They said that presently all the jails in Jammu & Kashmir are full with the innocent Kashmiri detainees and a good number of them is languishing in Tihar and other jails of India.
“They are neither provided with suitable food nor given proper medical facilities. They are given beastly treatment in the jails in Jammu and such stringent procedure for meeting with them has been imposed which has virtually made it impossible for their family members to meet them,’ the statement added.
Furthermore, the judicial orders regarding their release are openly dishonored and as such all channels to get justice have been closed.
Jama’at while expressing solidarity with all these innocent detainees and prisoners, expressed its deep concern over the pitiable conditions they are confronting, demands unconditional release of all of them and appealed the international and local human rights bodies to take immediate notice of their deplorable conditions and take effective steps to get the inhuman treatment of these jail inmates stopped. (KNS)