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JRL calls for shutdown on Jan 13

Says Kashmir turned into a killing field

Srinagar, Jan 10 (KNS): Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday called for a complete shutdown on Saturday against the killing of a Khudwani youth on Tuesday.
The JRL in a statement issued to KNS said that Kashmir has been turned into a killing field where the lives of men, women and children are not safe.
“The horrendous torment unleashed by Indian occupational army, police and forces at Khudwani yesterday during which pellets, bullets and shells were showered on people injuring hundreds and killing one innocent can only be termed as state sponsored terrorism,” they said.
“A comprehensive protest strike will be observed against yesterday’s killings, ongoing genocide of Kashmiri youth and other oppressive measures on Saturday, 13th January 2018,” JRL said.
Terming the ongoing spree of killings and unleashing of oppression as ‘state sponsored terrorism and act of genocide’, JRL said that “Indian imperialism has let loose its army, forces and police and given them a free hand to kill Kashmiri youth with impunity and acting at the orders of its masters these forces are handing over the corpses of our loved ones to us on daily basis.”
Leaders said that this genocide by Indian occupational forces is going on unabated as killers in uniform enjoy immunity from prosecution provided by the rulers.
They said that yesterday at Khudwani, these ‘trigger happy killers’ in uniform unleashed a reign of terror on people who were mourning on the dead body of their loved one Farhan Ahmad Wani. “Pellets, bullets, tear smoke shells and Lathees were showered on these people, injuring hundreds and brutally killing another youth Khalid Ahmad Dar on the spot,” they said.
Leaders said that the sole purpose of this genocide is to suppress Kashmiri nation by military might so that these brutal killings has crossed every limit and has now become intolerable for Kashmiris and no Kashmiri is ready to tolerate this genocide silently now.
Leaders said that from 1947 till now, Lakhs of people have been killed and maimed by Indian army, police and forces. “Though these killings have been triggered by Indian forces but the responsibility lies on the shoulders of those pro-India politicians, assembly members and rulers who provide legal cover and immunity to the killers and thus contribute in this genocide,” added JRL.
JRL leaders said that according to the law of nature every tyranny and tyrant has a fixed life and when tyranny exceeds its limits it is bound to perish, this is why Indian aggression and tyranny is also bound to die soon as it has also crossed every limit.
Leaders said that tolerating oppression with silence has never been the practice of living nations and as such Kashmiris can and will not accept this brutality silently and will keep resisting this aggression with valor and passion.
JRL said that on one hand this genocide and suppression of a nation is going on and on the other hand international community is watching this inhumanity with silence which is highly disturbing. “In fact international community is maintaining criminal silence to safeguard its business and economic interests with India but we want to tell them that their silence on the plight of humans for petty consideration of business and economy will only termed as criminal and it is actually against the very ethics and ethos humanity and human values,” they said.
Asking international community to shun its silence at the plight of Kashmiris, JRL said that it is the duty of international community to protect and safeguard humanity everywhere.
JRL said that Indian rulers and their forces have choked every little space on peaceful political activities and space on every kind of protest has been banned and throttled by Indian occupation which is why that Kashmiris are forced to use protest strike for registering their protest and resistance.
Leaders announced that Kashmiris will observe a complete shutdown on Saturday, 13th January 2018, against brutal killings at Khudwani, ongoing genocide of Kashmiri youth and other oppressive acts and register their protest and resistance against inhumanity.
JRL leaders appealed people to shutdown their offices, business establishments, transport and other activities for one day and raise their voices against growing Indian state terrorism on Saturday, 13th January 2018. (KNS)