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Hakeem Yaseen aghast over alleged thrashing of Tihar jail inmates

Says such incidents are detrimental to peace initiatives, CBMs


Jammu, Nov 28 (KNS): PDF, Chairman & M LA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has expressed concern on reports about torturing and ruthless beating of Kashmir jail inmates in various outside Kashmir jails.
In a statement to KNS, Hakeem Yaseen has said that such acts are detrimental to the peace initiatives and seems to be gameplan to sabotage the mission of Interloculator Daneshwar Sharma about resolution of Kashmir problem. . He said on one side the Central and state governments are claiming CBMs to restore peace and normalcy in the troubled valley where on other hand sentiments of kashmiri people are being hurt on one pretext or the other.
He said Central and state governments should immediately identify such black sheep who are overtly or covertly indulging in such inhuman acts which are bound to re fresh wounds among kashmiri people and derail various peace initiatives.
Hakeem said the interlocutor should also take notice of such machinations which have potential to bounce back his peace efforts and would cast aspirations on his credibility and relevance visa viz Kashmir problem. (KNS)


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