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Bribery is like cancer that takes a society to its grave: Hashim Qureshi

Says it can be controlled easily provided there are honest intentions


Srinagar, Nov 19 (KNS): Reacting to the hue and cry raised on the statement of Nizamu’d Din, the Secretary General of PDP, Democratic Liberation Party (DLP) chairman, Hashim Qureshi said that the messenger is not to be castigated; ground situation should be analyzed.
According to the statement issued to KNS, he claimed that coalition government has not brought down the level of bribery. “The poor and the orphan have to run from pillar to post for acquiring means of sustenance. Those who manage to get employment are either linked to ruling parties or they are the blue –eyed boys of ministers and bureaucrats. During the regime of National Conference, J&K Bank recruited candidates either on the recommendation of National Conference bigwigs or by extracting bribes. Even today, the coalition government manages to recruit candidates on the basis of recommendations and not on the basis that they are orphans and poor and holders of merit. Some of the recruited candidates are the wards or relatives of PDP worker,” he said.
Not only this, the arrangement for obtaining a contract, for transfer, for getting bills passed, for supplying machinery and drugs in government hospitals becomes a victim of bribery.
People cannot obtain clean drinking water. Many women are under the compulsion of carrying potted drinking water for several kilometres on their heads The Vigilance had recommended that bribery case be pursued against forty officials. Why this recommendation has not been implemented. Doesn’t it show that the government is just overlooking the recommendation of the Vigilance Department? We would also like to know the fate of 300 files that are replete with stories of black deeds of forty government officers. Two years ago the Central government provided 200 crore rupees to the State to meet the expenditures on improving sports in the State. Where are the playing grounds and stadia? Condition of roads is deplorable and electricity plays hide and seek. Low grade clerks and peons are held on charges of bribery and the people occupying high posts of secretaries and directors are pampered.
Bribery can be controlled easily provided there are honest intentions. When briberfy and corruption become the signs of dignity in a society, the society loses its respect, credibility and purity. (KNS)

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