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70 herion addicts admitted in one hospital, 80 in another: CFSK

‘What is government waiting for?’


Srinagar, Nov 08 (KNS): Civil Society Forum Kashmir today said that there is a drastic shift in drug addiction scenario in J&K state and addicts are now switching to more deadly and life threatening drugs like herion.
In a statement to KNS, CSFK said that Herion is considered one of the most dangerous drug for addiction in world.
“It is a processed drug unlikely Weed, bang etc, and is being supplied through a organized nexus in J&K State. All three provinces Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh are badly hit. As per doctors the minimum requirement of a heroin addict is Rs 2000 per day and he can go to any extend, crime to fulfill his dose,” it said.
CSFK is shocked to learn that even after grave cases of herion addiction no concrete steps are being taken by state government to control this problem.
In addition to herion there are thousands of addicts using other form of addiction like corex,fevicol,tablets ,shoe polish ,solvents . UNODCP report 2008 reported 70 000 drug addicts in Kashmir valley (J&K state),since then 9 years have apaased without any concrete measures taken by any government so one can imagine the alarming number and senerio of addicts in J&K stateby now.
According to doctors and exeprts addicts are mainly betwwen 17 to 37 years of age however cases have been found as young as 9 years old .Both men and women , girls and boys, educated and illiterate, working and non-working people have been found addicted to drugs in J&K state .the most productive age group of any society.
Educational institutes are worst hit,cases are coming from government as well as private institutes.
The main reason drug addiction is at large in J&K state is that there is no institutional and organized efforts by government and society.
CSFK appeals to government to set up a cluster of deparments (heath department, education department, excise department, agricultural department, sports department supported by J&K police to control Drug addiction in a organized manner.
if government fails to set up any such model it will be certainly a big disaster for existing and coming generations .
CSFK further appeals to society at large parents teachers Mohalla committee, Masjid committee in particular to check, control and report addicts. J&K state is moving very fast to be worst than Punjab in drug addiction.
Civil Society Forum Kashmir (CSFK) appeals Honourable Chief Minister, Health Minister. Education Minister & other officials of the state to immediately take measures to curb this problem before it is too late. (KNS)

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