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“Armed Conflict Marginalising Kashmir”, reveals a new book on Kashmir

‘Book comprehends media agenda over marginalisation in Kashmir’


Srinagar, Nov 24 (KNS): If the armed conflict continued this way in Kashmir it will push a larger population into marginalisation fold, claims a new book on Kashmir, “Marginalisation in Kashmir” authored by Hamid Rather, a journalist working with KNS.
The ‘Victims of Conflict’ has emerged as a new category of the marginalised apart from the historically, linguistically and geographically marginalised groups in Kashmir.
The Book “Marginalisation in Kashmir” reveals that prolonged armed conflict in Kashmir has swelled the sphere of the marginalized from few historical and geographical groups to almost entire society.
The ‘Victims of Conflict’ (VoC) has emerged as a major category of the marginalised in Kashmir. The ‘VoC’ includes ‘Rape Victims’, ‘Displaced Kashmiri Pandits’, ‘Disappeared Persons’ families, ‘Orphan’, ‘Ex-militants’, ‘Victims of Disabling Physical Torture and Mental Disorder’.
The book ratifies the proposition proved by many other researchers that wars and conflicts render societies marginalized and Kashmir is no more a different story which is rendered marginalised by the prolonged war. The book also comprehends the media agenda over the issue of marginalisation in Kashmir and has pioneered the discourse that marginalisation criteria should be set by the media itself and should not be left to the State always. This book is a kind of seminal work conducted with an investigative insight, different perspective and fresh approach.
Hamid Rather is a freelance journalist from Pattan, north Kashmir. He has done M.A. in Convergent Journalism from Central University of Kashmir. His interests are social and political affairs reporting, filmmaking and research to influence the state and non-state actors towards the relevant policy interventions with respect to the groups of people who face marginalization of any form.
The book is published by ‘New Delhi Publishers’ and is available on Flipkart, Amazon and New Delhi Publishers website. The book will be launched in the month of December, 2017. (KNS)

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