Amid Tourist rush in Gurez, this covid warrior is on toes to keep the virus at bay

Bandipora, August 08 (KNS): Although, all the Covid warrior have been on their toes since the outbreak of the deadly virus that left millions of people dead and dented the economy through out the world but a medicos in Border area of North Kashmir Gurez had done tremendous task with limited medical infrastructure.

Amid the huge rush of tourist in Gurez, this Covid warrior have put his life at risk to save others and played key role in controlling spread of Corona virus in Gurez.

Meet Bashir Ahmad Teroo of far flung area Gurez Bandipora, who is supervising all covid related activities and posted in Block Gurez of Bandipora.

He says that the hospital is his second family and is proud that he is one of the soldiers fighting the war of this pandemic. However, unlike many other frontline activists, his work is one of the most challenging and risky.

Teroo set an example in the entire erstwhile state and become role model for younger generation-influenced and inspire many others.

During lockdown and subsequent fight against COVID, he has been on front performing every duty with dedication he has performed his duties religiously.

As the covid cases started surging in Bandipora district and became first red zone district of J&K, he was dealing with Contact tracing, constitution of village wise surveillance committees, referral of symptomatic persons, Consolidation of home quarantine persons of whole Gurez area.

Teroo said when he had his first COVID duty, he was scared because he had small children and ailing parents back home. "but then I felt that Allah had made me for this and now I have dedicated myself. We help the patients with this disease, that’s a pride for us."

Netizens appreciated the efforts of paramedics in fighting against the pandemic of Corona Virus, Covid -19 in Bandipora district.

Locals hailed the role of all employees who have made it possible to control covid crisis in such difficult situation. “I feel very proud. If we step back, who will do it! It is our good luck that by helping someone, we do our duty well. I will continue to do it."

He said he thinks only about his patients, not about his family when on duty. Undoubtedly, caring for a patient is the most satisfying thing in life for a health worker.

The health care system is not up to the mark as in developed countries so it's the responsibility of every citizen of the valley to play their part to combat this deadly virus. “We are doing our part and we urge the residents to do theirs as well by staying at home,” he added.

Locals said that it is moral responsibility of everyone of us to Support Administration at all levels and to abide by the advisories and Precautionary methods issued by Administration and Health department.

He appreciated the role played by volunteers who are working days and nights in services of common people and patients. There should be much more appreciation for those who are working tirelessly for our safety in this Pandemic especially medicos (Doctors, Nurses, MPHWs and other staff members), Nodal Officers, Magistrates, Municipal committee officials and other officials on duty.(KNS)

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