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Yasin Malik visits Chowkibal Kupwara, Aripal Tral, Pampore in last two days

Says “Looking after sufferers of Indian aggression our religious duty”


Srinagar, Nov 12 (KNS): Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik has said that looking after the sufferers of Indian aggression is our religious, moral and national duty.
“India is destroying our houses and families and we as a nation are duty bound to rebuild them again,” Malik said in a statement tissue to KNS.
Malik along with a delegation comprising of Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Mushtaq Ajmal, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri and others visited Zunreshi Chowkibal Kupwara, Aripal Tral Pulwama and Pampore Kashmir.
JKLF chairman started his journey towards Kupwara in the wee hours of morning today and managed to reach Kupwara where he straightaway went to Zunreshi Chowkibal Kupwara and met with the destitute victim family whose residential house was blasted and burnt down to ashes by forces in 2014.
“Head of this family, Muhammad Sadiq had built a single story house after years of labor and his three blind children had barely started recognizing their house when on 08th April 2014, Army staged a fake encounter in their house, killing two youth and burning down their house of dreams to ashes,” he said.
“From 2014, this family whose one member is paralyzed after being hit by Indian bullets during the said encounter and three children are blind had no place to live in so they turned the upper part of their cowshed into a living room where they are forced to live in a dilapidated and miserable condition,” the statement said, adding that Malik met with the poor family and expressed solidarity with them.
Earlier, Malik yesterday reached Aripal Tral where family of Ghulam Nabi Ganie a painter by profession was vandalized on November 10, 2018, as their residential house and cow shed along with a cow and calf were put on fire by forces leaving this poor family roofless.
“The forces not only blasted their house but destroyed their crops too and looted walnuts from the house. This family has already sacrificed a son and another member of family for the sacred cause in 2009,” Malik said.
JKLF chief met with this persecuted family and expressed solidarity with them.
During this two-day long journey, Malik also visited the family of slain Muhammad Amin at Pampore Kashmir and expressed solidarity with his bereaved family.
Speaking to the victim families, Malik said that “India was busy killing our young and old, destroying our residential houses and properties and ruin our families and we as a nation are duty bound to rebuild and rehabilitate these persecuted families.”
He said that “looking after the sufferers of Indian aggression is our religious, moral and national duty and as a living nation we cannot turn away from this obligation and duty.”
Malik said that “after Shadah and Salat, Zakat (giving alms) is the most important pillar of our faith. We have been taught by Allah and his last messenger (SAW) to provide monetary assistance to poor, destitute, homeless and prisoners. Even among the eight ways in which Zakat is to be used, poor, destitute and homeless have to be given priority and preference according to Quran and Sunnah.”
“Moreover, as a nation striving for freedom and right to self-determination providing relief and assistance to the victims of Indian aggression is our national duty and as a living nation we should never fail in this religious, moral and national obligation of ours,” he added.
Appealing every Kashmiri especially those who have been given wealth by Allah to fulfill their duty in this regard, Malik said that “Kashmiri nation is a living nation which is striving for its freedom and right to self determination and has collectively rendered precious sacrifices for this righteous cause and we are hopeful that as a nation we will not fail those among us who are victimized and wronged by Indian militarized violence.” (KNS)

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