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VC Waqf Board for transparent dealing in rent policy

Convenes meeting to discuss issues pertaining to rent


Srinagar, Jan 23 (KNS): The Vice Chairman of J&K Waqf Board, Nizam-ud-din Bhat today convened a meeting to discuss issues pertaining to rent and premium of the Specified Waqf properties leased and rented out to individuals and institutions.
The meeting was attended by Advocate Azhar –ul-Amin, Prof. Altaf Sarwar, Moulana Showkat Hussain Keing, senior Officers of Waqf Board, representative of different trade federations/ Organizations and other concerned officials.
The participants took a detailed discussion on rationalization of rent and premium component in light of the recommendations made by specific Committee which had been formulated by the Government of J&K as the request of the Waqf Board on the subject.
The parties agreed basic framework declared by objectives of the Waqf Institutions and reiterated their faith and commitment to ensure protection and enhancement of Waqf assets and properties and Waqf culture.
The participants also agreed to facilitate Waqaf management its programmes of welfare and growth of the Institution.
The participants were provided with copies of the recommendations on rent revision which the Vice Chairman said have taken concern all stakeholders into considerations. The members of the meeting raised further concerns regarding the renovation of the properties of the individuals who would need exceptional treatment from Waqaf in fixing the rent are making on assessment thereof.
It was jointly agreed in the meeting that Waqaf will remain open and transparent in its dealing and rent policy as envisaged will be the facilitator in making parties comfortably to preserve the Waqaf interests.
The issue of hotels and Guest Houses also came for a special mention and the stakeholders will be taking another meeting as early as possible on mutual issues of concerns and resolution of pending issues of rent and premium. (KNS) 

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