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Shopian Chalo: JRL condemns use of force to suppress a peaceful protest

Says Shopian killings, complete ban on mourning is inhuman


Srinagar, Feb 02 (KNS): Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin MalikFriday said that forcing the people of Kashmir into submission by using ‘dictatorial and oppressive’ means is only day-dream of Indian leaders and the local government.
“Spree of arrests, nocturnal and day time raids, imposition of curfew and restrictions and other oppressive tactics are a glaring example of the farce Indian democracy practiced in Jammu Kashmir. Gruesome killings at Shopian and a complete ban on mourning is not only inhuman but act of state sponsored terrorism,” JRL said in a statement issued to KNS while speaking to media and people today at Hyderpora, Nigeen and Shopian respectively.
The statement reads that earlier, police and forces in large number cordoned the residence of senior leader of JRL Syed Ali Shah Geelani and laid barricades, razor-wire and police vehicles.
Defying house arrest, Geelani as per program started his journey towards Shopian but police and forces arrested him and placed him under stringent house arrest.
JRL leader Mirwaiz Muhammad Umer Farooq also defied his house arrest and started his march towards Shopian but police and forces that had already sealed his residence arrested him and shifted him to police station Nigeen.
Malik who despite being not-well to avoid arrest had gone into hiding on 31st January 2018, after travelling miles through tough terrains on foot today morning managed to reach Jamia Masjid Shopian.
Soon after his arrival at Shopian, SOG, police and other forces sealed Jamia Shopian from all sides but some brave hearts which included dozens of women too defied strict curfew and managed to enter Jamia to join him.
Malik addressed people at Jamia Masjid and after Friday prayers, led peaceful protesters out of the Masjid and marched towards main Chowk Shopian. “Indian occupational forces that had almost sealed the whole area and had clamped curfew, soon came into action and arrested JKLF chairman along with another JKLF leader Ghulam Muhammad Dar,” the statement reads.
The statement added that both the arrested have been immediately shifted to some unknown police station. “People of the area resisted and protested against this police highhandedness and staged peaceful protests in almost every lane and Mohalla in Shopian town,” the statement added.
It is worth to mention that to foil today’s peaceful Shopian protest program, the biggest democracy of India and the local government started police raids soon after the announcement of the protest program.
According to the statement, Mirwaiz was placed under house arrest as senior leader Geelani continued to remain under house arrest as usual.
In order to arrest Malik who had gone into hiding, police raided his residence, JKLF office and other places.
Various JRL leaders including Advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt, Ghulam Ahmad Gulzar, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Bilal Sideequi, Muhammad Yousuf Naqash, Syed Imtiyaz Hyder, Mukthar Ahmad Waza, Yaseen Attai were arrested by police, many including Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, Muhammad Ashraf Laya, Ghulam Nabi Sumji, Hilal Ahmad War, Umer Adil Dar and others, were placed under house arrest and the residences of many more including Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Javed ahmad Zargar, Zahoor Ahmad Butt and Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri were raided during these days.
Meanwhile before their arrest, JRL leaders spoke to media.
Malik addressed people at Jamia Shopian and also addressed media person at Shopian Chowk before being arrested.
While strongly condemning the use of occupational army and police force to suppress a peaceful protest program, JRL leaders said, “to foil a peaceful protest against gruesome killings at Shopian and atrocities being committed on common Kashmiris, brutal police, SOG and Army force was let loose against civilians by the democrats.”
Leaders said that this spree of arrests, heavy restrictions, curfew and barricades, intimidations and threats are actually the real face of Indian democracy practiced in Jammu Kashmir. “Today the farce of Indian democracy in Jammu Kashmir yet again stands exposed before the international community and people of India as Indian rulers and the state government chose to choke people’s voices by military might,” asserted JRL.
They said that today’s program was actually a protest against gruesome killings of innocents seven of whom lost their lives within one week in Shopian.
“This was a protest against the growing attacks on women, mothers of small babies who got brutalized by Indian occupation recently and among whom two are still battling for their lives in hospitals. This was a peaceful protest against crackdowns, hooliganism and oppression unleashed by Indian occupational forces in Shopian, Kulgam, Islamabad, Pulwama, Tral, Qazigund, Bijbihara and many other places in southern parts of Valley, Bandipora, Hajin, Sumbal ,Naidkhai in Sonawari, Kupwara, Handwara in northern parts of Valley, Ganderbal , Budgam and Srinagar in central part of the Valley,” they said.
JRL said that Kashmir has been turned into a slaughter house no one is safe and death and destruction is being celebrated by the oppressors.
While condemning the carnage by Indian army and forces at Shopian recently during which seven innocents have lost their lives and many including two innocent girls are battling for their life, JRL leaders said that though this genocide is going on from last many decades but the way Indian soldiers at the behest of their political masters have expedited this killing spree from last some months and it has turned utterly horrible and unbearable now. “Kashmiris cannot tolerate this genocide silently and resistance leadership will do whatever possible to stop this Indian aggression against innocent humans in Kashmir,” said JRL.
JRL said that actually this massacre and genocide by Indian armed men is consequence of the immunity provided to them by pro-India Kashmiri politicians, assembly, parliament and Panchayat members and their parties who legislate and implement laws like AFSPA to shelter these criminals and crimes and also stage dramas in and outside the assembly to deviate attention from these crimes.
Leaders said that on one hand are the armed soldiers of India who look at Kashmir as their colony and slaughter humans with impunity and on the other hand are these rulers and assembly members who after every massacre and killing, come out with announcements of probes and condemnations.
JRL leaders said that these people who have put ban on even mourning’s should have some shame left with them and should gather some courage to compete with resistance leaders on political ground.
They said that Indian rulers and the local government have expedited massacring of Kashmiris in a bid to end Kashmiri resistance against illegal Indian occupation but these naïve people should know that harsh measures and military might never succeeds in defeating people aspiration for freedom and self determination.
Leaders said that Kashmiris have been facing Indian brazenness from last many decades and despite oppression this resistance will continue till the achievement of the sacred goal. (KNS)

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