Sheikh Imran inspects drainage system in Khanyar

Srinagar, Nov 21 (KNS): Former Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran, paid a visit to Khanyar area of the Srinagar district to assess the current conditions of the drainage system.

Showing great concern for the welfare of the community, Sheikh Imran also made his way to Khalifapora to gain a thorough understanding of the drainage system's conditions there.

During inspection, he noticed the deplorable state of the drainage system opposite J&K Bank Khanyar. This observation only served to reaffirm his determination to tackle this issue promptly. In order to devise an effective solution, he promptly called upon various traders to engage in meaningful discussions.

Prominently among those he contacted were members of SKT&C. Known for their independent efforts to enhance the traders' experiences, SKT&C has consistently displayed their commitment to the betterment of society. Their primary objective revolves around development, and they remain undeterred by any negative comments that may come their way.

It is important to note that SKT&C actively seeks out individuals who share their dedication towards the improvement of the traders' circumstances. In doing so, they have brought attention to the concerns faced by the community and have successfully escalated them to the relevant authorities. Undoubtedly, their actions have made a significant impact on the lives of both the locals and traders alike.

However, it is essential to address a concerning issue. There are individuals who hold animosity towards SKT&C, and they have made their distaste for the organization evident. In response to this, SKT&C issues a firm warning to such detractors. They assert that those who seek to undermine their endeavors must recognize the necessity of respecting boundaries. SKT&C has chosen to engage in open, transparent discussions with leaders and stakeholders, occurring during the daylight hours. Unlike other traders who may resort to clandestine meetings, SKT&C is committed to maintaining integrity and accountability.

Overall, the visit of Sheikh Imran and the subsequent actions taken by SKT&C are indicative of a collective effort to address the persisting drainage issues. By liaising with traders, empowering the community, and asserting themselves against detractors, they are making significant strides towards a more prosperous future for all involved.(KNS)

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