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Peoples Conference advocates separate divisions for Pir Panchal and Chenab

Abdullahs’s nervous after sensing mood of people is for change: Abdul Gani Vakil


Srinagar, Feb 09 (KNS): While welcoming the Governor administration’s decision to grant the status of Division for Ladakh region, Peoples Conference Chairman said that Pir Panchal & Chenab Valley should also be granted Division status to bring government and administration closer to its people.
“Welcome the creation of separate division for Ladakh. Puts an end to their miseries. Equally important is the demand for separate divisions for Pir Panchal and Chenab. Smaller divisions will improve governance. And it will be a great relief for the inhabitants: Sajad Gani Lone said in a party statement.
Senior Leader Abdul Gani Vakil while welcoming the decision said that smaller divisions will mean improved access to the local administration, where people will have their voice heard when the need be.
“Considering the distance factor between the three regions of J&K, it is important to create micro administrative divisions to be able to deliver governance at peoples’ door step. Peoples Conference advocates granting of division status to Pir Panchal and Chenab Valley saying “closer access to government” has been their long pending demand”, he added.
Launching a scathing attack on NC, Vakil said that Farooq & Omar Abdullah are nervous after sensing the mood of the people is for change. Its promise to grant division status to Pir Panchal and Chenab Valley is pre-election rhetoric aimed at whipping up and exploiting sentiments ahead of the elections.
“NC has always sold hollow dreams and false promises and that it has been their tried & tested strategy to whip up passions by exploiting religious & regional sentiments before elections and conveniently forget their rhetoric and slogans after grabbing power. The NC came to power in 1996 with the promise to bring regional Autonomy. Sheikh Abdullah had earlier promised Rai Humari. We have instead got PSA & Ikhwan in return for votes NC sought on sentiments & aspirations.” adding that people of state are vary of “anti-people” policies pursued by previous NC government. (KNS) 

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