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People who weakened state’s special position during their regimes now beating their chest over Article 35-A: Hakeem Yaseen

Says RSS should stop day dreaming about tinkering with Article 35-A


Srinagar, Aug 10 (KNS): Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has pooh poohed shedding of crocodile tears by some mainstream political parties on protection of Art.35-A adding that they were the real culprits who during their successive regimes made special position of the state hollow for their lust of power. He said every time, after losing chair, they cry hoarse over danger to the special position of the state to hoodwink public opinion.
“Since 1975, these parties, off and on, went into so called political accords with the center which proved to be only "Kursi Accords and nothing else," Hakeem Yaseen said in a statement issued today.
He said inteligentia of the whole country including the people of the state know it well that Art.35-A and Article 370 of the Constitution of India is a reality which no power on earth can revoke . But even then fringe elements and the selfish political parties both in center and state are trying to use this sensitive issue as their election triumph card, notwithstanding the fact that exploitation of Art.35-A issue could boomerang and prove very disastrous for the whole country both at national and international levels. He questioned why during their successive regimes, these political parties diluted the special position of the state to embrace the chair and extended various contentious central laws to the state despite stiff resistance from inteligentia and people of the state. He said they never uttered a single word for protection of the special position of the state including protection to the Art.35-A and are now shedding crocodile tears on the issue. He reiterated that Art.35-A and Article 370 is the heart beat of the people of the state which cannot be compromised at any cost. He said along with RSS who so ever talks about abrogation of Article 35A was a day dreaming.
Hakeem Yaseen cautioned the opportunistic political parties that, the times have undergone a sea change and the people of the state are politically mature enough now who cannot be deceived by the exploitative and emotional slogans as in past. He said sooner or later all the political parties shall have to be answerable before the people of the state and have to pay for their deeds. (KNS)