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People feel betrayed, cheated with local parties of state: Vikar Rasool

'Congress emerging as first choice in all three regions of state'


Banihal, Aug 25 (KNS): Addressing a massive public gathering at Sarachi khari former minister and MLA Banihal Vikar Rasool Wani said that Congress party is emerging as first choice in all three regions of state as the general public of the state area feeling cheated with the traditional parties of the state
While criticising the anti people policies of PDP BJP alliance MLA Banihal added that the promises of PDP and BJP and have proved to be mere bluffs and people are fed up with the policies and sheer opportunism of two parties. Both the parties took the extreme positions on most of the emotional issues and exploited their respective constituencies to the hilt, with a false and deceptive promise to keep each other out of power, if voted in strength. The people could not see through their tactical game plan and gave BJP an unprecedented strength in Jammu while PDP gained on these slogans in Kashmir. What happened thereafter, when the two parties took a complete U-turn on their respective positions and promises to the people made during elections, as a result the people feel betrayed and cheated. The people want to teach both the parties, a lesson, for having taken their sentiments and emotions for a ride, in order to enter the corridors of power.
MLA Banihal Vikar Rasool Wani said that winds of change are blowing in Kashmir and Jammu region and Congress is emerging as a first choice in three regions of the state in view of the consistency in its policy and secular credentials. He further added that both the parties had no mandate to join hands but they did so, against the wishes of people. Still people expected them to deliver and come up to their expectations after getting remerged, as they were utterly failed because of inherent contradictions after coming in power these two opportunist parties badly divided the people on regional and religious lines and vitiated the overall social and secular atmosphere besides failure to deal with the security environment, finally left a state of political uncertainty.
Vikar Rasool lauded the efforts of the Governor’s administration for bringing the administration on rails and initiatives for ULB and Pyt. Elections and urged upon the public to strengthen the base of Congress party in the area so that era of peace and equitable development can be carry forward.
On the occasion several prominent worker's of National conference and PDP left their parties and joined the Congress in presence of MLA Banihal Vikar Rasool who gave them warm welcome in party fold. (KNS)