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Ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir most worrisome: Hakeem

Says violence should end now


Srinagar, Nov 20 (KNS): Terming ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir most worrisome and darkest phase in the history of J&K, Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Yaseen has urged for united efforts by one and all to end loss of precious human lives due to violence in the restive state.
In a statement issued to KNS, Hakeem while expressing his concern over day to day killings of youth, in one form or the other, has said that Kashmir is losing creamy layer of its young generation which shall have disastrous implications on the overall future of the state.
"The situation is very grim and worrisome on the ground," Hakeem said in a statement issued to KNS while calling upon all the stake holders to Kashmir problem to rise to the occasion to stop ongoing bloodshed and mayhem in the state.
He said India and Pakistan should, for the sake of humanity, sit together to resolve their outstanding issues including Kashmir problem, which is the main bone of contention between the two neighboring countries.
“People of the state have become first causality of animosity between India and Pakistan, who are facing untold death and destruction since 1947,” he said, calling upon all the stakeholders to rise above politics and party affiliations and work for resumption of dialogue and reconciliation to bring peace in the region.
He said Kashmir issue has become a nuclear flash point in the region as both India and Pakistan are fully loaded with destructive nuclear weapons. "The world bodies are apprehensive that a miniscule misunderstanding between India and Pakistan could trigger into devastate nuclear war any time, if the flames of existing animosity and hatred between the two neighboring countries are not doused through the process of reconciliation,” Hakeem Yaseen maintained.
Strongly advocating for better friendly relations between India and Pakistan, Hakeem has said it would be in the larger interests of the people on both sides as millions of rupees spend on war fare and military could be utilized for the development and welfare of the people in respective countries.
Hakeem said that if India can talk to Taliban, why not with the separatist leadership in the state.
Hakeem said India and Pakistan should shun their arrogance and ego to resume talks unconditionally with the local stakeholders of Kashmir dispute so devise a practicable road for dispute resolution. He said world history was testimony that military might has never helped to resolve disputes anywhere adding that enough is enough bloodshed in the state should end now. (KNS)

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