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NC represents sentiments of people of J&K: Ahsan Pardesi


Srinagar, Apr 14 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Youth National Conference Provincial vice President Ahsan Pardesi on Sunday, saying that JKNC represents the sentiments of the people of state saying that it is the only political party which has a base in all the regions of the state.

Addressing a series of public meetings in the Sonwar constituency, Ahsan as per a statement issued to KNS urged the people to vote and support party president and parliamentary candidate from Srinagar Dr. Farooq Abdullah.

On his campaign trail, he made stopovers at various places in the constituency and had interactions with the people from all walks of life.

Ahsan while addressing people at various places said, “Dr. Farooq is spear heading the leadership across the country in the battle against communal forces. He has the exceptional political experience and acumen to fight for the interests of our state both inside and outside parliament. His political standing will prove beneficial for the state. Today our state is facing onslaught from different sides, forces as are inimical to our identity and special constitutional position are contriving hard to destroy every spec of it. However until the flag of National Conference flutters in the state, no one would dare to touch our status. NC’s history is replete with sacrifice, it has lent for the protection of state’s identity and integrity. Today the opportunity is tapping our door; we should avail ourselves this opportunity and send Dr. Farooq to parliament with a huge winning margin.”

Cautioning people against the BJP-RSS cronies, he said, “People are well aware of their real disposition. The abhorrence and antipathy that the RSS and BJP has for the status of our state is known to all. People are privy of the malicious designs of BJP-RSS; Modi no matter how much he tries would never be acceptable to Kashmiris. The people of Kashmir have always been at the receiving end since BJP came to power at centre. The miseries of the people of Kashmir have amplified ever since PDP hobnobbed with BJP. What good was achieved by the Omar Abdullah Government was put into an abyss by the former PDP-BJP government. The Agenda of alliance turned out to be damp squib. Our vote in the parliament and Assembly elections will decide the recourse of our state for the next half a decade, “adding, “People have realized the power of vote therefore have made it a point to send clear message to the BJP and its cronies in the state as to show them how passionately they feel about the identity and integrity of their state,”

Flaying PDP for its misrule, he said, “Situation is no different in our state; the city of Srinagar has suffered immensely at the hands of former BJP-PDP coalition. The roads, arterials are presenting a grimy tale of neglect; the past four years have seen no development in tourism sector. The employment is at its highest. The artisans have been left to fend for themselves. The essential services are not being monitored properly. People are hankering for basic amenities, running a house has become rather harsh. Who is to be blamed for this? It the BJP-PC-PDP combine which plunged the state into chaos, now they are parroting that they will save the special status of our state. How can they do it now? It is they who destroyed the fiscal autonomy of our state by implementing GST; they are the one who implemented NFSA (food act). Why should we believe them? Didn’t they canvass in 2014 to keep BJP out? But they did we have seen it all, they forged an alliances with the same BJP and plunged the State into chaos,” (KNS)

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