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Moral education through Tasawuf be introduced: Renzushah


Baramulla, Feb 05 (KNS): Chairman of Kashmir Society Khawaja Farooq Renzushah on Tuesday emphasized for revival of Love and Grandeur of civilization of Kashmir to Kashgar.
While addressing a gathering of Qalanderiya at Ajara Boniyar of north kashmir’s Baramulla district, Khawaja Renzushah as per a statement issued to KNS said that “Kashmir has reached to extreme point of disaster and devastation and all Qalanders have to play a role for protection of Kashmir.”
He said that since arrival of Hazrat Bulbushah (RA) and Hazrat Amir Kabir (RA), Hazrat Sultan Sader-ud-din Renchenshah adopted pure paths of Sufiyat. “Since then Kashmir to Kashgar remained as proud civilization of love, peace and tranquility,” he said.
Meanwhile, he said that large gathering at Hazrat Makhdoom Sahib prayed to Allah for bringing Kashmir out of present flash point of disaster. He said that he has already requested Jammu and Kashmir Administration to make Sufiyat Compulsory so that new generation is able to get spiritual solace from very beginning of their age, which will imbibe sprit of love and brotherhood in them and enable to revive past glory.
“Wine and gambling should be banned immediately in J&K and in all Govt clubs and institutes this menace should be barred forthwith as wine and immorality is route cause of all problems in the state,” he said.
In order to purify the state, he said moral education through Tasawuf preached by great saints be introduced as was practice in last 700 years in the state.
On this occasion, Sufi spiritual Mehfil was also organized amidst thousands of persons present. (KNS) 

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