Massive traffic jams irk commuters in Srinagar

‘Security barricades, wrong parking, street vendors occupying roads reason for jams’

Srinagar, Nov 14 (KNS): Srinagar city has been witnessing massive traffic jams in the recent days much to the annoyance of commuters, who complain that traffic authorities have failed to regulate the flow of traffic.

AS 15-minutes travel in Srinagar these days during morning hours takes more than an hour as roads remain choked. Bashir Ahmad Khan, a resident of Ahmadnagar on the outskirts of Srinagar said it took him more than two hours on Monday to reach the City Center Lal Chowk which is just 13-km distance.

“Right from the 90-Feet Road in Soura till Lal Chowk no place was open on the road. I have never seen such traffic jams which are occurring since last few days,” he told KNS.

Another resident Irfan Ahmad from Chanpora said that massive traffic jams has become a norm these days. “I have to leave more than an hour early to reach to my office in Bemina. However, despite that I reach office late due to massive traffic jams. It is becoming embarrassing for me to explain to my boss every day,” he told KNS.

The residents blame security barricades, wrong parking of vehicles and street-vendors erecting their stalls on footpaths and roads as major reasons for the traffic jams.

“At several places in the city police and para-military forces have put barricades on roads which hampers the smooth movement of traffic. It seems to show that normalcy has returned, traffic jams are created intentionally. Otherwise till now even public transport is off-roads, tourists are not coming and Durbar Move offices have shifted to Jammu. Then why huge traffic jams,” Irfan asked.

A traffic cop while acknowledging that they have failed to streamline the traffic in the recent days, told KNS that at several places in Srinagar after August 5, new bunkers have come up, which hamper the smooth flow of traffic.

“At some places when the security forces stop vehicles for frisking and checking the traffic gets accumulated and ultimately during morning hours results in massive jams. Besides, street vendors have occupied several vital roads to install their stalls during the strike period. It needs strong steps to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic,” he added. (KNS) 

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