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LeT condemns ‘inhumane’ behavior of forces

Pays tributes to martyrs of Qazigund


Srinagar, Dec 06 (KNS): Mahmood Shah, Chief militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba has strongly condemned the inhumane behavior of Indian forces and said that such acts won't be forgiven. Committing such acts in front of our mothers and sisters resemble to their behavior in their homeland, nothing but a sick act. Mehbooba Mufti must visit Hajin and inquire about Indian Forces' inhumane behaviors. By Allah SWT, we shall avenge this disrespect and humiliation.
In an emailed statement issued to KNS, Dr. Abdullah Ghazanwi, Spokesperson LeT while quoting outfits chief as saying “Indian forces have been committing sick and inhumane acts for long. Even the forage for animals was burnt to dust; thus neither the animals nor the humans are safe from their wicked acts. The humanitarian organizations are not batting an eye on such atrocities. It is only when Kashmiris retaliate and rebel against Indian oppression that such organizations wake up and oppose the wrong enemy.”
Mahmood Shah paid their immense tribute to the Martyrs of Gazigund and said that our mothers are reviving the glorious history by bringing in the body of Martyrs into their funeral processions as groom. We are proud of our mothers and their utterly support to the sons of the Freedom Struggle. We are proud of our people who not only show up at the sites of fight but support the Mujahideen even though they are empty-handed and unarmed against Occupational Indian Forces, while leading the funeral processions of Mujahideen in their utmost glory and in great numbers. Such incidents are scarce and nowhere to be found in the world. We are proud of our Martyrs who gave up their lives but did not submit to Indian aggression and illegal occupation. (KNS)

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