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Kathua murder girl investigation, a fight for justice against criminality: Zulfikar

'Support to criminality tantamounts to opposing justice, humanity'


Jammu, Feb 16 (KNS): Minister for Tribal Affairs and senior PDP leader Chowdhry Zulfikar here on Friday said that investigation carried out in a free, fair and transparent --manner into the rape and murder of minor Kathua girl is a fight for justice against -criminality irrespective of caste, creed and colour.
Saying that those protesting against the arrest of the accused by the impartial investigator are virtually supporting criminality and opposing humanity Zulfikar urged people of all shades to wait till the investigation is taken to logical conclusion.
Reminding that the rape and murder of minor bakerwal girl of Heeranagar area of Kathua district shows that intolerable criminality is raising its ugly head in Jammu region Chowdhry Zulfikar told KNS preechers of humanity irrespective of political ideologies, religion, caste, creed and colour are duty bound to stand up for support to investigation ordered to chop off the ugly head of criminality.
Calling up people of all shades to respect the promise of the Chief Minister to take the investigation to logical conclusion Chowdhry Zulfikar said culprits would be brought to book and justice would be delivered to curb the criminality to send out a strong message to criminal tending to disturb peace in the Jammu & Kashmir state. (KNS)