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KCSDS greets Muslims on commencement of new Hijri year

Says ‘a month of special assistance, selfless sacrifice, steadfastness’


Srinagar, Sep 14 (KNS): KCSDS extends New Year greetings to all the Muslims which has begun with the holy month of Muharam, a month of special importance for selfless sacrifice, steadfastness, commitment to truth and justice by Imam Hussain (RA) and his family.
It provides an opportunity to take stock of our lives and make necessary course correction where we have gone astray. We need to imbibe the spirit and mission of Imam Hussain and not bow before the forces of oppression, persecution and evil domination.
The colonial state has disrupted the traditional Aashoora processions of the lovers of Ahli bait (Prophet’s (PBUH) progeny) for a long time thereby rudely interfering with the religious practices and faith as it has also closed Jamia Masjid off and on for weeks and months and desecrated mosques and Imambardas to bring home the power of the fascist communalist state.
Whereas the state makes every effort for pilgrimage to Amarnath Cave in spite of the misperceived security threats. We demand from the government of the day to lift the ban from the traditional procession and allow people to take it through the routes of their choice as they used to and not be dictated terms on this matter. (KNS)