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Jammu seeks statehood Why should Jammu suffer for sins of Kashmir: Hareshdev Singh


Srinagar, October 22 (KNS): Days after signatories of the Gupkar declaration formed an alliance in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers party today demanded Jammu be delinked from Kashmir and given a separate statehood.
National Panthers Party Chief Dr Hareshdev Singh in a presser in Jammu said, "Kashmir Gupkar declaration happened,they are asking for restoration of Article 370. But it is in supreme court. So there is no scope of discussing it. In Jammu, the social and political organisations demand statehood for Jammu."
He added, "When two brothers grow, they should be allowed to live seperately and run their own houses. They will live in peace and harmony. The talk of discrimination with big brother (Jammu) is alway there in terms of resources, development, allocation of funds, employment. The youngsters of Jammu are angry over the selection list of Fire and Emergency Services. Youngestors of Jammu beleive that they have always been discriminated but now it has gone too far and we cannot wait to demand seperate statehood for Jammu. Bomb explodes in Shopian and 4G is shut in Gandhi Nagar. Why we are being punished for none of our fault. Investor Summit which was supposed to bring 1 Lakh crore investment couldn't not happen," according to KNS correspondent.
He said why would Jammu suffer for sins of Kashmir, " The reason was given that situation is not normal here. Why should Jammu suffer for situation of some districts of Kashmir. Let the people of Kashmir and Delhi decide for Kashmir. The young generation of Jammu demands development, employment and rights. It can happen only when there is seperate statehood for Jammu. This will be better for Jammu ad wel as Kashmir," according to KNS correspondent.(KNS) 

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