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JCPS expels Showkat Chaudhary

Attempt to divide school organisation thwarted


Srinagar, May 16 (KNS): In an emergency meeting of the Joint Committee of Private Schools (JCPS) today expelled Showkat Chowdhary owner of Hattrick School from the association following a severe violation of rules and indulging in practices against the interest of education sector of Kashmir.
The Association in the meeting took exception to the recent behaviour of the said person who has tried to divide the schools for the fulfillment of his personal desires. "It is for the first time that somebody has tried to divide the schools association and that won't be tolerated. Our organisation works on the principle of democracy, if he has any issues or he wants to become a leader, there are democratic ways," said Khurshid Mahajan, Spokesperson JCPS "He has crossed all limits which no schools representative will do."
The Committee said that education is not similar to operating restaurants and one has to consider number of things. "We are currently providing education to more than seven lakh students and we will not tolerate anybody toying with the future of such a vital part of society. It will be a disaster if attempts are made to divide the schools which will ultimately lead them towards politics rather than betterment of education," said Mahajan.
The Committee said that the said person is trying to fulfil his own motives on the back of schools association. He has associated himself with the people who were previously working on exploitative B. Ed Colleges and led to their doom. "Now he wants to do the same with private schools who had after much difficulty brought revolution in the education sector," said Khurshid Mahajan
The Committee said that the JCPS is the only organisation that represents all associations. It has members in every district and has been framed in accordance with a constitution and rules and regulations. The said person has floated its own platform which is devoid of any constitution, mandate, rules, headquarter, members and other office representatives. The one man organisation won’t be allowed to destroy the organised sector.
The Association completely dissociated from the Showkat Chowdhary and warned people to deal with him at their own risk. Be if government officials or any other one deal with him knowing all the facts and ground situation. He has no standing and doesn't represent any group of schools. (KNS)

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