JAKFAS welcomes new Principal Secretary Finance Santosh D Vaidya

 Srinagar, June 23(KNS): The Jammu & Kashmir Finance and Accounts Society (JAKFAS) extended a warm welcome to Santosh D. Vaidya, IAS, on his assuming the charge as the new Principal Secretary of Finance for the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu & Kashmir.

In a welcome ceremony held today, Iftikhar Hussain Chauhan, President, Imtiyaz  Ahmad, Secretary general,  Yasir Arafat, Vice President (K), Ashraf Haqla General Secretary, Tasawuf Amin Publicity secretary and other Executive members of JAKFAS presented Vaidya with a memento and a bouquet on behalf of the society.

The memento presented by JAKFAS represents the deep respect and appreciation that the JAKFAS holds for Mr. Vaidya's dedication to public service and his steadfast commitment to the financial well-being of the UT symbolizing the society's anticipation of a fruitful collaboration between JAKFAS and the new Principal Secretary  Finance department.

JAKFAS, a leading professional organization of finance cadre of J&K dedicated to promoting excellence in finance and accounting practices, expressed its enthusiasm for the appointment of Mr. Vaidya, acknowledging his impressive credentials and extensive experience in the administrative domain. As a seasoned IAS officer, Mr. Santosh D. Vaidya, IAS has demonstrated remarkable leadership skills and a commitment to public service throughout his career.

While welcoming the Principal Secretary Finance, Iftikhar Hussain Chauhan, President of JAKFAS, alongside the other Executive members, highlighted Mr. Santosh D. Vaidya’s, (IAS) reputation for professionalism, integrity, and visionary thinking and expressed confidence and support on behalf of the society to continuing bringing about positive transformations and further enhance the financial landscape of Jammu & Kashmir. The event was also attended by Shadab Makhdoomi, Nadish Khursheed, Priya Badiyal, Shafat Yehya, Akhter Ali and Zaffar Iqbal, executive members of JAKFAS.

JAKFAS aims to foster a strong working relationship with Santosh D. Vaidya, IAS and his team, providing support, and expertise in matters related to finance and accounts.

Through  collective efforts, JAKFAS aspires to contribute to the development and growth of the financial sector in Jammu & Kashmir, ultimately benefiting the residents and the UT as a whole. The society looks forward to collaborating closely with him to achieve shared goals and to bring about positive changes in the financial landscape of the region.

Notably, Jammu & Kashmir Finance and Accounts Society (JAKFAS) is a prominent professional organization committed to promoting excellence in finance and accounting practices. It comprises a dedicated group of professionals working in the finance sector, aiming to enhance financial management practices and contribute to the economic development of Jammu & Kashmir.(KNS).


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