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Irfan Naqib urges govt to reconsider decision to ban traffic movement on highway


Srinagar, Apr 04 (KNS): While urging the Governor administration to revoke the traffic ban on national highway for two days a week, District Congress Committee (DCC) Srinagar President Irfan Naqib today said the government should instead come-up with a strategy to ensure both safety of security forces and hassle free movement of civilians on Jammu-Srinagar Highway.

“The closure of the only highway would put the whole population to unimaginable inconvenience. Instead the Government must find an alternative for hassle free movement of both security convoys and civilian traffic,” Naqib said in a statement to media.

“There is a need to rethink over the civilian traffic ban on the highway. Security of the forces is important, but at the same time traffic between hassle free movement of civilian traffic on the highway is equally important,” he said.

The Congress leader added that stopping the traffic for two days a week will cause lot of inconvenience to people, especially patients, students and employees. (KNS)