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Hurriyat (M) demands immediate shifting of Kashmiri prisoners’


Srinagar, Feb 21 (KNS): Hurriyat Conference (M) while demanding the immediate shifting of Kashmiri prisoners’ back to Kashmir lodged in various Indian prisons, stating that the murder of a Pakistani prisoner in Jaipur prison of Rajasthan has raised serious concerns among the families of Kashmiri inmates leaving them worried a lot amid apprehensions that their loved ones may also face the similar attacks.
Hurriyat (M) in a statement issued to KNS said the leadership have time and again demanded return of Kashmiri prisoners back to Valley shifted even against the Supreme Court ruling that says prisoners be lodged close to their homes.
“The present situation across India is worsening in the wake of murderous assaults against Kashmir students and businessmen at the hands of Hindu fanatic elements while same elements were forcing the Kashmiri students studying in various Indian universities and colleges to flee,” spokesman said.
He said in such a grave situation, the respective state heads of various Indian states have failed to protect and safeguard the Kashmiri students and businessmen, thus leaving them at the mercy of frenzied mobs of fanatic elements.
Hurriyat (M) said that given the venomous propaganda against the Kashmiris and the back to back attacks on the innocent businessmen, the prisoners lodged in various Indian states are feeling highly insecure as the present situation has increased their apprehensions that they can face similar treatment inside the jails where they are languishing for just their political beliefs.
He said that to save the Kashmiri prisoners from getting killed at the hands of irate people, it is highly inevitable to shift them back to Kashmir without any further delay. He lauded and hailed the efforts of members of Sikh community for helping the Kashmiris struck in various Indian States by organising free kitchens and food and stated that this was the best example of humanity and others should take a cue from it.
Hurriyat (M) said that the way space for Kashmiris is being squeezed across India was painful as an atmosphere of hatred was being created across India against Kashmiris and there are apprehensions that situation may take further ugly turn in the coming days. (KNS)

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