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Hakeem Yaseen shocked over loss of lives in Pulwama

Calls for stopping ‘naked dance of death, destruction’ urgently


Srinagar, Dec15 (KNS): Former minister and chairman PDF, Hakeem Yaseen has expressed shock and grief over the loss of precious human lives daring an encounter in Sirno area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district today morning.
In a statement issued to KNS, he said ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir is terribly painful and most worrisome.
Hakeem while expressing his concern over the ongoing bloodshed including killings in Sirno, Pulwama encounter today has said security forces should be made accountable to follow SOPs strictly.
“The government has terribly failed to rein in black sheep in security forces who don’t want peace in the restive state,” he said.
He urged for collective efforts to stop naked dance of death and destruction in Kashmir.
"Enough is enough as much blood has flown down the Jhelum which must end now," he said, adding that after every tragic incident of civilian killings, government pledges to make security forces accountable to SOP but it only proves to be a lip service to douse the anger of people temporarily.
While expressing his deep pain and anguish over the killings of precious human lives during today's encounter in Sirno, Pulwama, Hakeem urged for collective efforts to stop this ongoing naked dance of death and destruction.
“Kashmir is losing creamy layer of its youth which shall have to stop now. Onus lies on the social and political leaders to ponder over the grim situation and seek ways and means jointly for ending the continued blood bath without wasting further time, otherwise posterity will never forgive us," he said.
Hakeem said different political parties and civil society groups should join hands to force leaderships of India and Pakistan to come on a common negotiating table to solve vexed Kashmir problem which is the main bone of contention between the two neighboring countries.
He has appealed leaderships of both India and Pakistan to shun their ego and arrogance and bring flexibility in their policies viza viz kashmir issue so that an amicable solution is worked out to end all hostilities and mistrust between the two neighbours.
He has urged for a humanitarian solution to the Kashmir problem adding that
how long Kashmir will continue to bleed and burn. (KNS)