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Gupkar Declaration a trickery attempt by Dr Farooq: LJP


Urges New Delhi to fulfill promises made on the floor of Parliament
Srinagar, Aug 26 (KNS): Lok Jan Shakti (LJP) Youth President Sanjay Saraf on Wednesday alleged NC President Dr. Farooq Abdullah of befooling masses by emotional slogans. He said the party didn’t want restore Article 370 but to restore its party under its guise, so that it could again deceive people during elections.
According to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Saraf while addressing a press conference at Press Club in Srinagar, alleged NC President and sitting MP Dr. Farooq Abdullah of befooling people by emotional slogans however he maintained that people are enough politically mature now and will not fall for his tricks anymore.
“Chanting of Gupkar Declaration would do not any good for people of J&K, but Dr Farooq is needed to come up with strong vision for development of J&K”, Saraf said.
He said for the past seven decades, National Conference (NC) has been indulged in exploiting people emotionally, sometimes with the referendum, sometimes with Greater Autonomy and now the Gupkar Declaration.
LJP leader said that Article 370 was provisional in the Parliament, however, during this period the National Conference twice won an absolute majority and he never ratified it that time in the State Assembly, nor made it permanent. He said that in fact the National Conference did not want to restore Article 370 but to restore its party under this guise, so that it could once again befool people before the elections.
Sanjay Saraf questioned National Conference when it would introduce a bill in Parliament to restore Article 370?, but said that the National Conference should have the support of at least 300 MPs. Saraf said that in fact the political shop of the National Conference has been closed and the sentiments of the people are being hurt once again for opening this shop.
Demanding immediate restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, the LJP national spokesperson said that Home Minister Amit Shah had announced in Parliament that statehood would be restored to Jammu and Kashmir, and now it is time to fulfill the promises made in the house.
Taking a jibe to New Delhi, LJP leader said that since J&K turned into UT, the work of public affairs has been hit badly and developmental works at halt.
Expressing concern over the losses incurred by trade in Jammu and Kashmir, he said that the economy has become very dilapidated due to the loss of about Rs 45,000 crore in the last one year and more than Rs 21,000 crore as a result of lockdown. However, he expressed satisfaction over the formation of a committee to revive trade and business under the chairmanship of Advisor KK Sharma and termed it as a welcome step. He said that the central government should announce a comprehensive economic package.
Demanding complete restoration of 4G in Jammu and Kashmir, L JP national spokesperson said that the unavailability of high speed internet would make the region lag behind other states in the country. He said that the present age is the age of internet and government should immediately restore 4G internet across J&K. Expressing surprise, he said that while telecommunication companies charge customers for providing 4G services, the same 2G services are provided to the customers. (KNS) 

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