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Geelani pays tribute to Bijbehara martyrs

Sumji pays tribute to slain Kulgam civilian, militants


Srinagar, Oct 22 (KNS): Paying tributes to martyrs of Bijbihara massacre on their 25th anniversary, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that “it was on this ill-fated day when people in Bijbihara were protesting against the siege of Dargah Hazratbal Srinagar and Indian forces opened indiscriminate fire on peaceful protestors massacring more than 40 and injuring about 200 people.”
In a statement issued to KNS, Geelani said that “those killed in cold-blood included 25 school going kids who were buried in a mass grave in the same park where they used to play just a day before.”
“25 long years have passed since then but their memories and innocent cries of kids still echo in our memory and the cycle of death and destruction still goes on abated,” he said, expressing profound grief and shock on the carnage of Kulgam where dozens of innocent have been blasted in front of their relatives, said that “their grief stricken sobs and innocent cries did not get any response from stone hearted rulers.”
“We have sacrificed more than 6 lakh people for our struggle against illegal forceful occupation and how much more blood these heartless occupiers need to quench their thirst,” he said, adding that “the human itself is the greatest enemy of humanity when he loses its real spirit and stoops low of the lowest. He surpasses even the worst beasts to emerge as the most dangerous monster to threaten and endanger its own species.”
Geelani said that “the inhuman and ruthless attitude by Indian forces is going on for the last 71 years and the loss of hundreds of thousands of precious lives is a blot on the Indian democracy and their local stooges, who are partners in this heinous crime and no conscious human can forgive them for this brutality and bloodshed.”
Geelani said that “followers of Sita” very cowardly and candidly target even the women folk and proudly celebrate these inhuman acts. He said that “provocative and insensible statements from the saffron brigade act as encouragement and patting on the already blood thirsty men in uniform which has led to the countless massacres of dozens of our innocent youth on daily basis.”
He further said that human investment at such a large scale is thought provoking and should be enough for all of us to deter and desist from any activity, overt and covert, which compromises our commitment to the sacred blood of our loved ones.
He said that “we should never even think of an iota of betrayal, no matter how big and mighty the compensation is, as the blood and honour is sacrificed for a noble and common cause of freedom from Indian occupation.”
Meanwhile, Hurriyat Conference Secretary General Gh. Nabi Sumji in a statement to the press strongly condemned yet another 'barbaric slaughter’ of Kashmiri youth in Laroo Kulgam and termed it as ‘worst state sponsored terror of India’.
While paying tributes to the slain militants and civilians of Kulgam carnage, Sumji said that “New Delhi through its forces has crossed all the limits of barbarism and savagery in Kashmir killings, arresting, torturing and detaining Kashmiris regardless of age and gender is routine ploy of New Delhi to force them surrender before India.”
“But India will never succeed in its nefarious designs in diluting and crushing the sentiment of freedom and ongoing movement for inalienable right to self-determination, as Kashmiri people are determined to continue the ongoing sacred movement of the martyrs till it reaches the logical conclusion and will never allow these supreme sacrifices go waste,” he said.
He appealed international community particularly United Nations Organization to perform its obligation by emancipating subjugated and tormented Kashmir from Indian illegal occupation and oppression. (KNS)