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Don’t allow Kashmir University to turn into Punzi Scheme: Kadfeen urges Govt


Srinagar, Oct 06 (KNS): Congers leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Tuesday expressed serious concern over the reports of mismanagement ruling the roost in Kashmir University, stating that an otherwise knowledge centre has allegedly become a hub of nepotism, favouritism and back door entries.
In statement issued to KNS reads, Kadfeen said that the government has been informed several times in the past about how few blue eyed persons have been allegedly accorded the choicest positions in the varsity while those deserving and meritorious have been ruthlessly left in lurch.
Kadfeen has said that the government has been made aware plethora of times from several saner voices of Kashmir University about how alleged favouritism is acting as a major termite leaving the varsity crippled to the core and turning its foundations hollow.
Kadfeen said that several alleged back door entries have been made by those at the helm while undue benefits have also been accorded to the politically affluent persons. “This is unnatural, bizarre and absolutely unacceptable. The government must not allow the varsity to turn into a punzi scheme and a centre of favouritism and prejudice. It is high time that wrongs are rectified,” said Kadfeen.
He added that there are apprehensions that the knowledge centre may turn into a place where iIllegal and Arbitrary Appointments of blue eyed persons are made in total disregard to Statutes and Merit, Seniority and Integrity.(KNS)


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