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Disgruntled SPOs submit memorandum to PDP Youth Secretary

Arif Laigroo demands promotion of SPOs on merit basis


Srinagar, Feb 06 (KNS): A delegation of SPOs submitted a memorandum to PDP youth Secretary, Arif Laigroo, urging him to take up the issue of their plight with the government and to seek redressal of their genuine problems on fast track basis.
The SPOs have urged Laigroo that since government has appointed hundreds of youth as SPOs in police department but no one cares for their welfare as they continue to get the peanuts as their salary despite the fact they do active policing and put their lives on the line every day.
The disgruntled SPOs urged Laigroo that since last eight years they are working at lowest rank and now this has became social issue. “There is no time bound promotions for the poor SPOs who are no less than a normal cop,” they added.
The SPOs demanded that there should be proper mechanism to ensure their timely promotions based on seniority and work. (KNS)

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