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Despite three crore annual earnings, Babareshi shrine lacks basic facilities

Toilets, rooms, footpaths all shattered, nobody seems willing to undo the wrong


Srinagar, Aug 28 (KNS): Despite earning nearly three crore revenue in just one year at Babareshi shrine, the Muslim Waqf Board has miserably failed to provide even the basic facilities at the revered Sofi shrine in Gulmarg area of north Kashmir.
KNS reporter during his visit to the shrine discovered that the surroundings of the shrine where hundreds of devotees and tourists visit every day is filled with filth and garbage with no one actually taking care of it. The ironical aspect of the story is that the washrooms and the latrines erected in the surroundings are hugely unhygienic and dirty and cannot be used in any case. The authorities who are managing the shrine have turned blind eye towards it and seem to have been interested in collecting only the Nazrana and the revenue. Many devotees told KNS that even the drinking water facility is not up to the mark whereas the footpaths, rooms for the accommodation are also unhygienic and unfit for the public use.
Meanwhile in Chrar-e-Shareef also the people have complained that surroundings of the shrine have not been developed as per the latest standards and the authorities are not paying attention towards the cleanliness of the surroundings of the holly shrine. (KNS)