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Demands of Kashmiris not raised in SC on Art 35-A hearing: Soz

Asks mainstream parties, JRL to hire eminent lawyer to represent people


Srinagar, Sep 01 (KNS): Senior Congress leader and former union minister, Prof. Saifuddin Soz on Saturday said that the demands of Kashmiris was not raised by anyone in the Supreme Court while the three judge bench was the hearing the Article 35-A case on Friday.
“The Supreme Court of India’s decision, the other day, postponing the hearing of the case on Article 35-A came as per the request of the Attorney General of India,” Soz in a statement issued to KNS said.
“In fact, the Judges wanted to postpone the hearing by two weeks only but the Attorney General argued that a longer period of 4-6 weeks was required as Panchayat elections were going to be held,” he said.
“Nobody argued that Kashmiris wanted nothing short of rejection of the RSS plea for abrogation of this Act which offers various privileges to the citizens of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. I want to say simply that the views of people of Kashmir were not explained by anybody before the court,” he lamented.
“While Fali Nariman is back on his advocacy in the Supreme Court, he may not represent the people of Kashmir during the Governor’s rule as he thinks Governor’s rule is the Central Govt. Rule and he doesn’t take any matter on behalf of the Central Govt. So, the JRL (and the Mainstream, if interested) could identify an eminent lawyer to represent people of the State,” he added.
“Anyway, Kashmiris have not benefited through the postponement as it constituted an advantage for PM Modi who wants a Damocles Sword on the head of Kashmiris till elections in 2019. The only Silver Lining in the political horizon is the exemplary solidarity of the people of Kashmir on this issue (with some voices from Jammu and Ladakh),” he said, adding that “I would wish the JRL and the Mainstream leadership (if interested) view the development rather seriously.” (KNS)