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Chinese troops on forward posts in Ladakh play Punjabi songs on loudspeakers



As the standoff between India and China refuses to come to an end, now Chinese troops posted on the forward positions in Ladakh have started playing Punjabi songs on loudspeakers.
Under pressure and being watched by Indian troops sitting at a height overlooking their positions at Finger 4, the Chinese Army has put up loudspeakers and started playing Punjabi songs at their forward posts.
The post at which the Chinese Army has put up loudspeakers is under constant watch of Indian soldiers and it is possible that they might have taken to this measure to bring some relief or distract the Indian troops, sources said.
India and China had a recent incident near Finger 4 where more than 100 rounds were fired between the troops of the two sides on September 8.
India and China have had at least three firing incidents in eastern Ladakh in the past 20 days over the ongoing territorial dispute.
“The first incident took place when the Indian Army pre-empted the Chinese attempt to occupy heights near Southern Bank of Pangong Lake between August 29 and 30 while the second incident occurred near Mukhpari height on September 7,” Army sources said.
In the third incident, which occurred on September 8 near the northern bank of Pangong Lake, troops of both sides fired more than 100 rounds as the Chinese side was behaving in a very aggressive manner, Army sources said.
The incident had taken place at a time when the Indian foreign minister had gone to Moscow for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting and met his Chinese counterpart to address the border issues.
As per discussions, the two sides were supposed to hold Corps Commander-level talks but the date and time have not yet been confirmed by the Chinese side, so far. India and China have held multiple rounds of talks since April-May at both military and diplomatic levels, but nothing has yielded any significant results till now. (India Today)

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