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Centre playing fraud over persistent price hike on Petroleum, Diesel: Kadfeen Chowdhary

‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas a tool to loot people’


Srinagar, May 25 (KNS): Lashing out at Centre Govt over persistent hike on petrol and Diesel, Congress Leader Kadfeen Chowdhary today described the hike as politically motivated, saying that the PM Modi is punishing people under the garb of price hike on petroleum products aiming to empties the pockets of people.
In a statement issued to KNS, Kadfeen Chowdhary hit out at Centre Government over the unjustified price hike in the country, blaming PM Modi for the crisis, as that, the prices were not internally linked which is indicative of a big fraud on the part of Centre Government.
The BJP Govt has not only looted people, but the Govt Exchequer also tactfully, digital India, “Sabka ka Saath, Sabka Vikas” was a tool to mislead people, Centre Govt is doing everything to benefit the industrialists and those looting public money, what type of Govt Narindera Modi is running, Kadfeen questioned and said the dictatorial attitude of PM have vitiated the atmosphere in the Country, as a result, there was great disillusionment among the people feeling betrayed by Centre Government.
Holding Centre Government especially PM responsible for the instability, Chowdhary expressed serious concern over the agony and anguish among the people due to the misrule and mis-governance on the part of Centre, adding that Centre has adopted anti people and pro industrialist policies to serve its’ vested interests.
He cautioned the people about the designs of BJP emphasizing them to rise to the occasion to defeat the policies of BJP RSS responsible for the damages caused to people. (KNS)

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